Saturday, March 28, 2015

What a great success: Rally 4 Hunger at ACE Academy!

Rally 4 Hunger

To pay it forward...

To give back...

To know the community is bigger than me...

These are all concepts that we strive for at ACE Academy. This was evident this morning as our players showed up in force to give back to those in need. Coach Stacey Smith from Rally4Hunger along with the staff at ACE Academy and Loaves & Fishes worked together to organize this great event. Our sponsors Opal Enterprises, Gamma Sports, and Dr. Jayanthi from Loyola University helped the event become a reality. Most importantly, our Players brought heart and soul to the event, giving this grand occasion LIFE!

We were touched when our high school Players showed to support the event. Fortunate enough for the event, our Players's had their competitions and practices canceled due to cold weather. Instead of staying home, sleeping in, or enjoying their Saturday off, our Players came out to hit, donate, and pay it forward. Our high school Players demonstrated the exemplary character that we strive for our ACE Players. They rallied with each other along with our young ACE players to obtain the rally goal, but also to teach our young players how important it is to give back. We are extremely proud of them!

Our Players also engaged in rallying the ball back and forth with their partners to obtain various goals. Each team set a goal of 40 balls in a row, which they ALL accomplished; no matter if they were Red, Orange, Green, or Yellow ball. The team that achieved the highest rally in 15 minutes with their respective color balls won their competition. Our closest battle saw three teams separated by a total of four balls. The winning team accomplished 565 with the second and third team rallying 563, an 561 balls respectively; quite a feat!

Thank you again to all of our 22 players, our 3 sponsors, our 2 partners, and our wonderful families for demonstrating what...

              To pay it forward...

              To give back...

              To know the community is bigger than me...

...actually means. Because of all of you, we have helped the community and will continue to do so!

Our Players and families were able to bring in over 600lbs of food to donate to Loaves & Fishes! 

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Rally 4 Hungry event at the ACE Center!

ACE Academy is Proud to present Rally 4 Hunger!

We will be inviting all our Junior players and their friends to come and rally (play tennis) for those people in need. Players will need to bring in 5 cans of food to participate in this great event. Participants will be have a certain amount of time to reach tennis rally goals. The longer the rally, the higher the amount, the more we donate to those in need.

All money and food donations will go to Loves & Fishes to help feed those in need in our community. 

Join us at this great event!

to become a sponsor or donate by phone, please call 630-536-4092

ACE Academy thanks you for your support!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Youth Tennis and it's movement forward in the United States!

It is amazing how we are still battling this effort to allow kids the best possible success with modified equipment. At the same time, the battle is being won and we are starting to produce some serious American players that will compete with the rest of the world soon.

Naperville Channel 17 produced a great piece on this topic......Enjoy!

Monday, February 9, 2015

ACE engages in Junior Team Tennis

Junior Team Tennis

It was a great experience this weekend for our ACE players as they engaged in Junior Team Tennis. The idea of ONLY playing an "individual" sport, when most of the population on planet Earth will play in teams across their career is ludicrous. Rather, we should embrace the idea of a team atmosphere.

Even at the highest of levels, professional players surround themselves with people who help them achieve their best. Teams often consist of coach, physio, trainer, agent, and hitting partner(s). These people are responsible for specific responsibilities that allow the player to continue efficiently, smartly, and in the right direction of training.

To step down from the echelon of the game. Our players are taught a team sport, not an individual sport. They understand the importance of cheering each other on, supporting the team, and fighting for every point as one point might define the team winning or losing.

We are proud at ACE Academy of our Players and the effort they showed this weekend. We will keep striving to achieve and reach new heights.

To tennis and team,

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

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